Slam Dunk – Welcome to Miami


From the score sheet of Johnnie Regalado:

You’ll find one in every town. That rock and roll workhorse that plays so goddamn hard you want to keep it a secret. That band you never want to stop or leave. In Victoria, that band is called Slam Dunk. On their sophomore albumWelcome to Miami, Slam Dunk deliver rollicking pop songs about the shortage of scabies cream in pharmacies, theirgood friends’ very average grades, and just about every other demented whim they’ve ever had a good laugh over. This album is a compilation of all those beautiful things that crowds of sweaty drunks are ready to pump their fists to. Strip away the silliness and you’re left with a tight and technical perfection of pop rock that’s sure to leave you with a sore neck from excessive thrashing. This album isn’t just a two-pointer. It’s an all-out, 360, through the legs NBA jam of unprecedented awesomeness.

Slam Dunk – Sass

Slam Dunk – Fantasy

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