Cold Warps – Tour Demos


From the bottle-cap collection of Johnnie Regalado:

Imagine this: Amplifiers wrestling PAs. XLRs constricting mic stands. Gear and guitar boxes shoved against the far end of a cleared out living room. A swarm of sweaty tattooed shoulders huddled around a few dirty couches. Room temperature beers fished out of a communal cooler, capped and passed. Then the tuning twang and mic check feedback snap the room to attention. Sure, this could be the stage for any shithole basement DIY show. But, what band could capture this euphoria on a five-track cassette tape? Cold Warps of course. A group who managed to tattoo their name onto my ear drums with a chance concert encounter at a radio conference in Kingston, ON. I’ve been a dieharddip tripper ever since. Who knew power pop could be so unforgettable? These songs can transform anyone into a toe-tapping bobble-head.

Cold Warps – “Dip Tripper”

Cold Warps – “Worry Worms”

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