Snoqualmie – Skyland Mtn.


From the space junk drawer of Johnnie Regalado:

Victoria’s perennial nice guy and longtime scene stalwart, Blake Enemark, has one last parting gift for the Island Capital before real life takes him to the mainland — Skyland Mtn. Forsaking his usual lyric-based work, this ultra-grippable, never digitized cassette features hypno-ambient guitar work, found-sound and dying organs. These meditations harness the creative tentacles of Enemark and fellow bush beater Simon Haisell. The duo’s genre explorations range from caravan orchestra to alt-country noise rock. In a perfect parallel universe, Snoqualmie would have scored the soundtracks for The X-Files or Twin Peaks. One day you may find yourself adrift in that infinite expanse, but as long as you have this album looping through your space helmet, it’ll be beautiful instead of terrifying.

Snoqualmie – Ascension

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