War Baby – Jesus Horse


From the ripped jeans collection of Johnnie Regalado:

This might be one of those rare instances when a band can immediately invoke comparisons to Nirvana and not totally suck. In fact, the parallels are almost a disservice. War Baby lay down grungy jams on Jesus Horse that would make mainstream ’90s commercial radio throwback stations a thousand times more tolerable. Listening to this record on repeat will make your hair grow long and greasy at an alarming rate. This Vancouver-based trifecta of power invoke undeniable levels of thrash. Jon Reddit’s guitar and vocals are hypnotic summonings from a dark cave. Aaron Weiss’ bass lines patch into your spinal cord and induce uncontrollable nods of appreciation. Kirby Fisher caps the sonic assault by smashing the songs into your eardrums. All of this was somehow harnessed at The Noise Floor, home to some of the west coast’s best recordings of the last few years, among which Jesus Horse definitely belongs.

War Baby – Melting Witch

War Baby – Black Swan

///originally posted on WeirdCanada.com///


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