Zuzu’s Petals – The Fire Breathing Dragon


From the long and winding drive of Johnnie Regalado:

A laid-back and lazy listen to Zuzu’s Petals’ debut evokes the same satisfaction as wiping a dirty day’s work off your hands on the thighs of your favourite blue jeans. Guitar lines wail away with the determination of fast-flying clouds over a mountainous skyline. The raw and rootsy jams are a solid sonic interpretation of the slow life found north of the Malahat Highway on Vancouver Island, a place where the beauty isn’t always enough to get you out of the basement. This collection of tracks is a snapshot of the happenings in a town where a passersby might think nothin’s going on.

Zuzu’s Petals – “Smokin’ Weed”

Zuzu’s Petals – “Stereo”

///originally posted on WeirdCanada.com///


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